Class format

Fun team building events.
Classes run in the mornings from 09h00, and in the evening, from latest 18h00 (or at earlier times convenient to clients), and run for approximately 3-3 hours, including eating the meal prepared, at the end of the class.

The format of each class is as follows:

  • Introduction to the preparation of all the dishes to be cooked. In each class a full 6 dish menu is prepared. Each team gets to work on the same 6 dishes.

  • The class is divided into teams of between 8 and 15 participants per team, and each student gets involved in preparing the various dishes (you get your hands dirty, but we provide the use of aprons, so come in comfortable clothes and shoes, preferably non-slip gym shoes).

  • At the end of the class, participants sit down together and enjoy the food that they have prepared.

Think Master Chef with a fun twist. We supply an identical mystery basket of ingredients and recipes to each team and they then need to interpret them, come up with a 3-course meal with side dishes, in a set time frame.
Between 2 and 4 teams, taking approximately 31/2 hours - for more information, click here.

  1. Participants are divided into 2 to 4 teams, each team consisting of between 8 and 15 participants (we also have limited menus for up to 60 participants, contact the school for details);

  2. Each team is colour coded by apron and counter, and has its own cooking station with identical implements;

  3. We will provide each team with a counter assistant who will oversee the working of the equipment as well as assist with basic cooking techniques, and judge the teams' progress;

  4. Our head instructor will co-ordinate the cooking, and provide a pressure element to the teams;

  5. Once all the dishes are cooked, our judging panel, will choose the winning team - prizes are at the discretion of the client (we stock some great products, contact us for details);

  6. Participants are then able to sit down and enjoy the meal that they have prepared.

Fun team building events
(from R495 exc VAT per person) - for more information, click here...

Competition Cooking
(from R495 exc VAT per person) - for more information, click here..

What is included in the price?

Fun team building events and Competition Cooking

  1. A set of recipes for each participant to take home;

  2. All ingredients and the use of aprons to wear while cooking (we also have branded aprons for sale and with enough lead-in time can have these embroidered with company logos);

  3. Limited soft drinks and fruit juices (You may bring in your own beers, wines and ciders at no extra cost)

  4. The meal at the end. Bring only your enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Conferencing and catering
We also have conferencing and catering facilities within the centre, ideal for seminars, presentations and work groups, prior to a cooking class. The caterers produce delicious finger snack platters. Contact the school for more details.

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