(See terms & conditions at the end of this document – minimum charge 2 teams, all prices exclusive of VAT)

Think Master Chef with a fun twist. We supply an identical mystery basket of ingredients and recipes to each team and they then need to interpret them, come up with a 3-course meal with side dishes, in a set time frame. Apart from the fun aspect, this is also a novel way of entertaining clients, a great form of teambuilding, or ideal opportunity of assessing various staff members' abilities to work together and solve common problems.


  • Participants are divided into 2 to 4 teams, each team consisting of between 8 and 15 participants. (We also have limited menus for up to 60 participants, contact the school for details);
  • Each team is colour coded by apron and counter, and has its own cooking station with identical implements, a 5-plate gas hob and oven;
  • On arrival, our instructor will run through the workings of the kitchen and judging criteria (see below), talk about the ingredients, and discuss recipes tips;
    Participants will then separate into the various teams and be given 15 minutes to strategize, and then a maximum of 2 hours to prepare the meal;
  • We will provide each team with a counter assistant who will oversee the working of the equipment as well as assist with basic cooking techniques, and judge the teams' progress;
  • Our head instructor will co-ordinate the cooking, and provide a pressure element, with the counter assistants, to the teams;
    Once the time is up, our judging panel will choose the winning team - prizes are at the discretion of the client (we stock some great products, contact us for details);
  • Participants are then able to sit down and enjoy the meal they have prepared.

Judging criteria

The whole idea of Wickedfood Cooking School is for participants to have a fun outing. Although we would like to create a competitive edge, it is not the intention of the school to place undue pressure on participants. Counter assistants will progressively make observations and score the team throughout the cooking period. At the end of the cooking, they, together with the instructor, will do an overall appraisal of each counter where they will look at amongst other things:

  • Ingredient and time usage;
  • Neatest workers;
  • Most creative dishes.

Included in the price

  • All ingredients, notes and the use of our branded aprons. (We also have various coloured aprons for sale);
  • Limited soft drinks and fruit juices (You may bring in your own beers, wines and ciders at no extra cost)

Mystery basket choices

Hearty Home cooking - (code mc HHC 3/1) – (R495 exc VAT per person) Halaal friendly.
Including 2 whole chickens, chickpeas, assorted salad greens, potatoes, vegetables, bread, lemons and eggs.

Italian - (code mc It 3/3) – (R495 exc VAT per person) Halaal friendly. Including tuna, grated pecorino, capers, anchovy, peppers, aubergines, eggs, polenta, chicken thighs, tinned tomatoes, aubergines, mushrooms, cauliflower, Arborio rice, frozen berries.

Thai - (code mc Thai 3/1) – (R495 exc VAT per person) Halaal friendly (excluding beef).
Including chicken fillets, beef sirloin steaks, assorted salad greens, chillies, rice, chilli paste, coconut milk, springroll wrappers, sago, fruit, noodles.

Mexican - (code mc Mex. 3/2) – (R505 exc VAT per person).
Including minced beef, chicken, chilli, cheese, a basket of Mexican vegetables, tacos, tortillas, Mushrooms and rice.

Terms and conditions apply


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