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Teambuilding cooking at Wickedfood!

Teambuilding Cooking – a recipe for a united workforce

Having a strong team of workers plays an important part in the success of any company, and teambuilding cooking encourages teamwork and build camaraderie. It's one of the hottest activities in the field of employee performance improvement today, and no wonder; cooking together is a fantastic way of getting to know your friends and a great way to bond with your colleagues while doing something as basic as cooking.

Food is a common denominator for people; gets people really chatting, and the heat is really on when teambuilding cooking turns into a competition, and participants are divided into teams and assigned to different cooking stations. Each group is given the same mystery basket with recipe ideas for 6 dishes including starters, main course and desert. The teams all wear coloured aprons and all have access to the same cooking utensils, and then the time is right to discover the creative flair in the participants.

Culinary team building is an exciting way to bring your clients and staff together with a great end result; and no matter how tense or exhilarating teambuilding cooking is, you will have the chance to relax and bond with your team where a fabulous meal will  be enjoyed by all.

Each team has a counter assistant who judges the teams progress and our head instructor puts pressure on the teams to work as a team to produce something attractive and tasty.

In addition to competition cooking we also offer a variety of other teambuilding cooking class options including a full day team development seminar  and Diversity Awareness Training course. These teambuilding cooking workshops run in the mornings from ±09h00, or in the afternoons from ±14h30 at our cooking school premises in Sunninghill. A qualified psychologist as well as extensive manuals and literature are available because while working in a team and preparing food is fun and fascinating; we are dedicated to helping your team become a united front

These teambuilding cooking events are highly successful amongst small and large companies alike.  The teams are always inevitably amazed by their success - and a wonderful time is had by all.