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Teambuilding cooking at Wickedfood!

Teambuilding – the best topping you can give your business

Wickedfood Cooking School in Sunninghill is not only a place where you go and learn to cook; it's a place where you meet interesting people with like-minded ideas, it's a place where companies get together for teambuilding exercises and it's where people entertain their friends through cooking! The program that we offer is unique, exciting, fun and humorous and it has marvellous perks as well, you get to eat all the delicious food that you and your colleagues and friends have cooked up at the teambuilding event!

Not only is it all done in a casual atmosphere where you don't have to dress up and feel intimidated or overwhelmed, but it's here that companies see what were sometimes  “bad vibes” situations at the offices being forgotten in the fun, laughter, interaction and warm atmosphere of Wickedfood teambuilding.

Barriers are broken down and by the end of your teambuilding function, most employers feel it was a most worthwhile event where results are noticed already in the camaraderie afterwards.

Teams get together and they all work on the same type of dishes, usually about six in all, and at the end of the function, they all enjoy their contributions together, taking home special memories and other recipes to try out.  If you get in early enough, you can have your aprons specially ordered with your office logo on and this teambuiilding extra also brings a sense of camaraderie when you are all competing together.

If you want to develop your team leadership skills and unleash the talent of your individual team members, this teambuilding workshop is a practical look at current leadership practices that work.

Wickedfood has a literal hands-on approach to our teambuilding and our cooking, and it's no reason that private individuals and corporates are queuing up for better results – and we provide the topping of a vibrantly successful business.