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Teambuilding cooking at Wickedfood!

Fun teambuilding cooking classes - Wickedfood®

Welcome to the home of cooking – The cooking institution with a modern edge that will take you through the world of many food cultures, all from the school’s state of the art culinary facilities – Welcome to Wickedfood.

When you are looking for a fun and affordable way to get your office employees to learn to work together in a educational, yet entertaining manner, then why not consider teambuilding cooking classes. Yes, Wickedfood Cooking School is the perfect school that lends itself to a variety of activities, including:

  • Fun teambuilding cooking classes and other events – At Wickedfood we offer any business the quality experience of hands on classes that will ask up to 4 groups of students between 6 and 12 people each, to prepare the same 6 dishes, taking approximately 31/2 hours; as well as
  • Competition cooking – With Wickedfood, the saying ready-steady-cook gets a fun and memorable connotation, where teams get identical baskets of mystery ingredients, as well as recipe ideas, and they have to creatively conjure up 3-course meals, with side dishes. This is a great team builder that takes around 31/2 hours;
  • To mention but two.

More about Wickedfood:    
The cooking school that can offer you international lessons in food from all across the globe must be an educational facility that offers tuition in a wide range of culinary skills to the public and corporate world in a fun, safe environment, 7 days a week.

So why look further for incredible teambuilding cooking classes – Simply connect with Wickedfood.

  • Cooking Lessons
  • Teambuilding to Cook Italian
  • Teambuilding to Cook Portuguese
  • Teambuilding to Cook Spanish
  • Teambuilding to Cook Thai