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Teambuilding cooking at Wickedfood!

Teambuilding to cook Portuguese - Wickedfood®

Welcome to Wickedfood – The specialist cooking school with a modern edge.

When you are interested in arranging an awesome teambuilding event, you have found the right company. We have great services for teambuilding to cook Portuguese. However, one of our more popular events is the team development seminar programme:

Hosted by Industrial Psychologist, Steve Renecle, this unique seminar will improve the functioning of your employees by bringing out the real group dynamics, which will subsequently increase effectiveness - All using the magic of cooking. During this fun 6½-hour event, you can expect the following:

  • With a entertaining and interactive programme, you will learn what elements make good teams work, which will in turn give a broader understanding and tolerance of their team mates, through interactive exercises;
  • With professional observation during the cooking event progresses, you will receive a unique analysis of the natural team dynamics of the particular teams; and
  • And of course, at the heart of it all, you will learn some very useful cooking skills;
  • To mention but three.

More about Wickedfood®:

With classes running nearly every day of the year, we have developed our business into a notable institution that can host events for up to 60 people, with hands-on cooking classes and teambuilding to cook Portuguese events, learning new skills and meeting people with similar interests.

So why not further explore our informative website and learn how Wickedfood can host the ultimate Teambuilding to cook Portuguese course for your company.

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