Team development seminar

R1 500 pp - (See terms & conditions- minimum charge 12 students, all prices exclusive of VAT)

Wickedfood Cooking School is an ideal venue for group corporate teambuilding sessions. The school lends itself to a variety of activities, including Team development seminars. Evidence shows us that the best test of a team is when all members are required to work together towards one common goal. There are few activities that test this more effectively than through cooking. We have developed an exciting programme, which incorporates the fun element competition cooking, with the more serious aspects of exploring team dynamics.

Team development seminar programme overview

Our team development seminar is run by Industrial Psychologist, Steve Renecle, and is designed to improve the functioning and hence effectiveness of working teams, using the magic of cooking as an ideal testing ground to bring out the real group dynamics and have a lot of fun at the same time. Over the 6 hour seminar delegates will experience the following:

  • Greater insight into what makes good teams work through a fun interactive presentation.
  • More understanding and tolerance of their team mates through interactive team exercises.
  • An understanding of their own team profile, as well as that of the team as a whole, with pointers on how to ensure that the team is more effective in addressing its objectives.
  • A unique analysis of the natural team dynamics of the particular team, warts and all, through observation and interpretation of the competitive cooking session.
  • A great fun experience had by the whole team whilst putting a meal together.
  • And, don't forget, some very useful cooking skills.

Class format seminar development Team

These workshops run in the mornings from 08h30, or in the afternoons from 14h30, and run for approximately 6 hours at Wickedfood Cooking School's premises in Sunninghill. The first three hours will be spent discussing the secrets of effective teamwork, and participating in interactive team development exercises.The programme is as follows.

  • Welcome and Introduction - take delegates through the agenda for the day. Address any concerns.
  • Interactive Team Development Exercises
  • Tea/Coffee Break
  • Secrets of Effective Teamwork - Entertaining and informative PowerPoint presentation on what makes teams effective, including short video clips.
  • Team Cooking Activities - thegroup will be divided into teams, each team given an identical mystery basket of ingredients, and recipe guidelines with which to prepare a six dish meal, within an allotted time. Participants and teams will be observed, and team dynamics interpreted.
  • Feedback - while the teams enjoy eating the results of their cooking we will give a final wrap-up and feedback on team behaviour and dynamics observed.

Team development seminar - cooking programme choices

Classes are subject to a minimum charge for 12 people. Prices include the services of a registered and qualified industrial psychologist, as well as extensive manuals and literature. We can accommodate up to 40 participants in Sunninghill, of between 6 and 12 people per counter, each cooking the same 6 dishes in a competition cooking format, as outlined above. Every person gets to participate in the preparation of the dishes.

(See terms & conditions- Classes run for approximately 6 hours, including the workshop and enjoying the meal prepared by the participants.

Mystery basket choices

Hearty Home cooking (Code cc HHC 3/1) – (R4 320 per counter excluding VAT) Halaal friendly

  • Including 2 whole chickens, chickpeas, assorted salad greens, potatoes, vegetables, bread, lemons and eggs.

Italian (code cc It 3/3) – (R 4 490 per counter excluding VAT) Halaal friendly.

  • Including tuna, grated pecorino, capers, anchovy, peppers, aubergines, eggs, polenta, chicken thighs, tinned tomatoes, aubergines, mushrooms, cauliflower, Arborio rice, frozen berries.

Thai (code cc Thai 3/1) – (R 4 590 per counter excluding VAT) Halaal friendly (excluding beef)

  • Including chicken fillets, beef sirloin steaks, assorted salad greens, chillies, rice, chilli paste, coconut milk, springroll wrappers, sago, fruit, noodles.

Mexican (code cc Mex. 3/2) – (R4 780 per counter excluding VAT).

  • Including minced beef, chicken, chilli, cheese, a basket of Mexican vegetables, tacos, tortillas, Mushrooms and rice.

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